Antosh Sergiew

Photographer & Creative Director


Brief: Create an esoteric collection of images for ARgENTUM Apothecary, perfectly blending the photographer’s unique style with the mystical, dreamlike illustrated world of ARgENTUM - “Where Science Meets Poetry”. “How can you not be drawn to Antosh’s work? There’s an air of mystery and surprise in his imagery, and we felt compelled to work with him” Mood: Balance. Spirit. Harmony. Compose an enigmatic and curious collection of images, drawing on the photographer’s previous commission with ARgENTUM, “Our goal with this commission was to create something magical, something people would look at and wonder 'how did they do that?”. Testimonial: “The entire process with Antosh is so completely collaborative ~ we came together to create the vision we shared, and we fell in love with what we saw.. He is courageously creative, honest, and a pleasure to work with. Even in lockdown, it felt as though we were working side-by-side. He helped us bring our dreamlike world to life, and we always love to see what he's been up to”.


Brief: “Cosmetics with Conscience”. Extend LUSH’s archetypal Bath Bomb themes and personalities beyond the bath water. “Let’s give LUSH fans the opportunity to 'be somewhere else”. Mood: Destination. Experience. Sumptuousness. Concoct a series of luscious images marvelling in the answer to the question “What if LUSH did bathrooms?” “Our goal was to capture the mood and identity of 6 different bath bombs, and offer a little escapism into beautifully designed bathrooms”. Testimonial: “We loved Antosh’s use of bold colours, shapes and silhouettes. His approach to lighting and composition gave his images an air of illusion. The process was great, he was really down to earth, great at communicating and he got what we were trying to achieve immediately. He added so much to the concept”.


Brief: Direct and execute one exquisite still life image for the iconic British Vogue, the world’s leading premium fashion and lifestyle publication. “I commissioned Antosh for British Vogue Checklist. The image was a still life of a Dior handbag and bracelet. The theme was geometric.” Mood: Sophistication. Exclusivity. Avant-garde. Curate one superior graphic portrait congruent with British Vogue’s distinctive, high-fashion finesse. “We needed the products to look a million dollars, with a backdrop that said “Graphic lines, effortless style”.” Testimonial: “Antosh has the ability to produce a modern graphic image that consistently maintains a high sense of sophistication. He understood the brief and made my job simple. He was comfortable with the model, and his lighting was impeccable as always. He has great empathy for high fashion, and a fine eye for detail.”